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Edisto Island coral. Natural and copper Stainless steel modern art Driftwood shelf with high gloss lacquer finish  
Hanging reclaimed scrap Steel fireplace screen Copper ivy on rusted antique fireplace screen-Garden Piece  
Old coke sign on barn door Old pepsi sign with ghosted flag Old sunbeam bread sign with ghosted flag
Stainless steel with fused copper and brass Stainless steel with 3D USA Stainless steel and copper stripes
Driftwood T Rex Copper lamp with recycled porcelain shade Copper washer torso
Pallet flag Scrap steel flower Chinese gong
Perched steel eagle Front view Side view
Steel eagles front view Steel eagles rear view  
Mid century modern clock #1 Mid century modern clock #2
Mid century modern clock #3
Mid century modern clock #4
Hand hammered copper Celtic Cross Hand hammered copper and steel Celtic Cross Hand hammered copper / aluminum Celtic Cross Hand hammered copper and steel Celtic Cross
SteamPunk Lamps      
St Brigid's cross patinaed copper St Brigid's cross copper Steel framed Art Deco poster
Turkey Custom Sign Zinc Casting
Welded steel hawks Side view
Flame cut steel. Welded. Clear lacquer finish Life size on aluminum base
Pop Art Stainless Steel Stainless Steel, Brass and Copper Pop Art Stainless Steel
Boys In The Band. Steel 3D shadow box Art Deco poster inserted.  
Steel bicycle girl Kids Bike Garden Piece Welded Steel Washer Recliner
Flame Cut Steel Torso   Wireman Pipe Confusion Welded Washer Business Card Holder
Corporate Office Sign Outdoor Advertising Old Rusted Folk Art Flag
Dancer made from welded steel washers. Epoxy pewter powder painted finish. Stainless steel flag. Flame cut with oxy acetylene torch. Heat treated for color 4' x 2'.
Welded 1/8" wire bicycle rider. Natural steel , Gloss lacquer finish. Life size Welded 1/8" wire unicycle rider on rotating base.
Three prop windmill. Stainless and aluminum. 8' long Stop sign and muffler pipe windmill. Windmill from scrap aluminum and steel. 5' long
Hubcap sunflowers. Pendant lamp sunflowers. Steel washer golfer. Pewter epoxy powder coated.

Copper and Slate American flag.   Welded scrap box.
Green patinated copper torso. Washer and concrete torso. Flame treated copper torso copper torso.
Epoxy painted steel cross Steel weightlifter Mermaid
Washer girl with bicycle.   Washer girl riding bicycle.
Old shutter with abandoned farmhouse photos
Stainless steel flame treated cross. Old window frame with patinated copper leaves. Flame treated peace sign.